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Chrome extension that lets you view your friend's Instagram Stories in the browser.

I'm sorry about the mess that was the recent update. I accidently added a new permission called "tabs" because I thought I needed it but I turns out I don't. I never had access to your browsing history. I have reverted the major change that removed the gallery in version 2.0.2.


This extension injects your friend's Instagram Stories above your feed on the desktop website just like it appears in the Instagram mobile app.

Simply click the icon of the Instagram user to view their Story. You can use the arrow keys to navigate forward and back, and press the Esc key to close the gallery.

Right click the icon of the Instagram user to download their Story.

You can see Suggested Stories if you go to the Explore feed.

You can learn more about how this extension works by reading my Medium article:

You can view the source code of this extension at:

应用版本: 2.0.2
最后更新日期: 2017年3月6日
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