Emoji Copy & Paste (2016) by EmojiOne™

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A new searchable emoji keyboard with simple click-to-copy functionality. Copy and Pasting emoji is now a single click away.
This is a beta-test version of the new EmojiCopy Chrome app.  We hope you enjoy it!


Version 1.0, September 6, 2016

* Official launch version of EmojiCopy
* Input bar moved to the top
* Can now combine emoji with text
* Design improvements to interface
* Emoji size reduced
* Web-site now fully functional on Android/IOS devices


Version 0.9, August 26, 2016

* The soft launch of EmojiCopy for public use
* Beta-testing purposes
* Also visit http://emojicopy.com for the web version


Why we built EmojiCopy:

* We needed a searchable way to simply copy and paste emoji.
* On Chrome OS, emoji keyboard require too many clicks to reach, plus no search option.
* Other apps either have too many ads, or didn't offer an elegant interface..
* For the love of it!

Please report bugs to us at http://www.emojione.com/contact/

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