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Filter recommendations, remove spoilers, show IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and more in Netflix.
(We have completed updating the extension for Netflix's June 2015 UI changes and November 2015 My List UI changes.)

The extension lets you customize Netflix to your heart's desire. It includes 18 tweaks that can be turned on or off individually, such as:

* Makes it easier to navigate Netflix's suggestions.  You can tint or fade out shows you have watched, rated, or that are listed multiple times and hide entire sections.

* Hides episode spoiler images and text, and stops Netflix from shrinking your screen during the credits.  (Requires HTML5 player.)

* Adds customizable keyboard controls to control the player and navigate the site.  Press “?” for a list.

* Enhances the manual view of the “My List” page with an ability to write a note saying why you added a movie and highlighting titles that will expire soon.

* Export your ratings to JSON files.

* You can show Rotten/IMDB ratings, watch a random episode, and read more about the title on sites like IMDB, Wikipedia, and Amazon.

* Keeps My List at the top of your home page and prevents interruptions from the 'Who's Watching' dialog.

Note that this extension was designed to only support Netflix's US streaming site, although users have frequently reported success for various international flavors.

Read more here:  http://lifehacker.com/flix-plus-customizes-netflix-to-your-hearts-desire-1640968001

Change log
8/14/16 3.18
-- fixed fade/tint rated and watched again (wasn't fully fixed in previous release)
-- fixed fade/tint duplicates (broken due to Netflix change)
-- removed Export My List (broken in a bunch of ways due to Netflix change)

8/6/16 3.17
-- fixed random episode button again (broken due to Netflix change)
-- fixed fade/tint rated and watched again (broken due to Netflix change)
-- fixed export ratings (broken due to Netflix change)

5/14/16 3.16
-- fixed random episode button (broken due to Netflix change)
-- fixed fade/tint rated and wacthed (broken due to Netflix change)
-- fixed hide duplicates when scrolling left/right
-- showing Flix Plus icon instead of wrench since Chrome changed how page actions work

1/26/16 3.15
-- search no longer broken by keyboard shortcuts

1/3/16 3.14
-- fixed bug so that expired titles on My List works more consistently 

12/28/15 3.13
Updates due to Netflix changes
-- Automatically scrolls left/right across posters again for keyboard keys
-- Updates to My List
    -- Updated to work again: keyboard controls, export My List, allow adding notes, show expiring titles at top
    -- Removed because redundant: show box images
    -- Removed because not possible: rate by half star
    -- Removed due to complexity in an update: better sorting controls
-- Exporting My List now includes year, duration, and maturity rating if available
-- If you drag/drop or remove in My List, it sometimes sends you back to the top of the list again
-- Don't press Enter when editing Netflix notes if keyboard shortcut is also assigned; instead click away.

11/21/15 3.12
-- fixed fade/tint rated, watched, duplicates to work again after Netflix changed the HTML structure

11/10/15 3.11
-- fixed export my list button
-- removed some console.logs

10/14/15 3.10
-- update Rotten Tomatoes link to do a search since it no longer allows doing lookup by imdb id

9/9/15 3.9
-- navigational keyboard shortcuts updated for new Netflix UI
     -- can now navigate seasons/episodes, tabs
     -- PgUp/PgDn scroll through posters a page at a time
     -- keyboard navigation and mouse navigation work better together
-- navigational keyboard shortcuts added back for older pages
-- 'remove scrollbars' script removed since new UI makes this harder to do
-- bug fix: queue sorter now works on all shown fields (fields were removed that were DVD-only or are not easy to get for updated UI)

8/25/15 3.6
-- Bug fix: allow hide post play to work when hide spoilers is enabled (fix bug introduced in 3.4)

8/19/15 3.4
-- Fade/tint rated, watched, duplicates.  Note: Hidden no longer allowed due to new UI; one starred videos included with 'not interested' videos.
-- Supports '/' for search
-- Bug fix: Links include ampersands properly for Bonnie & Clyde, etc.
-- Bug fix: Export rated works again
-- Bug fix: Hide post play should work more consistently

7/20/15 3.2
-- Section hider script updated for new Netflix layout
-- Interactive performance (related to mutation observers) improved 2X
-- Netflix changed profileName to profile-name which broke profile
detection and Prevent Who's Watching.  Fixed.
-- Rotten/IMDB code cleaned up a lot and now shows results for more
matches. Changed the behavior to ignore roles since there were a few
cases where the list of actors on Netflix was different than the list
on IMDB.
-- Hiding user reviews as potential spoilers

7/4/15 3.1
-- fixed major bugs in Prevent Whos Watching, Move My List to Top
-- big performance improvements when interacting with interface by removing all attribute-based mutation observers (except for one, which has been heavily isolated)
-- reduced overall size of embedded scripts to speed up load time
-- replaced Rotten Tomatoes icon in links to not show heavily aliased white border

7/2/15 3.0
-- updated for Netflix's June 2015 UI update
-- new functionality: open show in new Netflix tab, search links for actors/directors
-- some functionality disabled for now (section hider, remove scrollbars, fade/tint/hide rated/watched/duplicates, and navigational keyboard controls)
-- functionality removed: darker Netflix, hide Facebook recommendations, hide prompt for rating
-- functionality reduced: details instead of playing, rate by half star

4/25/15 2.9
-- fixed popups by including movieid in links when 'clicking on posters shows details instead of playing' is enabled (Was broken due to new Netflix change.)

4/17/15 2.8
-- Update hide postplay and hide spoilers so they work again (were broken due to Netflix changes to the player)

3/28/15 2.7
-- fixed external ratings retrieval due to a change in the server
-- suggests disabling test participation if it cannot read profile information

2/27/15 2.6
-- Unbreak some play button links for Netflix Original details pages

2/23/15 2.5
-- Changes to improve ability to play random episode across seasons

2/7/15 2.4
-- React to Netflix's change in WiMovie pages for Netflix Originals
-- Add keyboard controls to WiRecentAdditionsGallery pages

1/29/15 2.3
-- change playback speed via keyboard controls ([, ])

1/23/15 2.2
-- show image with omnibox within welcome page
-- make a change to perhaps get page action icon to show for more users

1/23/15 2.1
-- added link to options page from chrome://extensions

1/22/15 2.0:
-- You can now prevent interruptions of the Who's Watching dialog, move My List to the top of the screen, export your My List, and hide the billboard.
-- We've added many more keyboard shortcuts, especially for the HTML5 player. Shortcut keys are now customizable.
-- Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings are now more accurate and work when using HTTPS.
-- When you hover to view a movie or show's details on the main page, you'll see buttons to watch a trailer or start playing the movie or show right away.
-- Various features are now supported on more pages, such as My List Netflix Suggests mode, the new search, role pages, and custom show pages such as Orange is the New Black.
-- Hide a show by rating it as "not interested". Fade/tint/hide behavior can also be customized. The fade watched feature can also ignore TV shows.
-- Press "r" within any selection area (home page, My List, genre pages, etc.) to randomly select a show. Random episode feature works uniformly across seasons and from within the player.
-- Spoiler images and text are now blurred, and most show when hovering over them with the mouse or by pressing a key.
-- We've improved performance in numerous areas, and added a guide for disabling scripts to get further improvements.
-- Bug fixes.

10/13/14 1.6:
-- random episode feature now picks across seasons
-- more performance improvements for page load, scrolling
-- various fade rated/watched improvements (performance, accuracy)

10/8/14 1.5:
-- fixed bug where it showed black screen when "hide spoilers" was disabled
-- scrolling should be much less laggy
-- added support for arrow keys, home, end, ctrl-home, ctrl-end (and switched around j, k)
-- fixed hide duplicates
-- improved keyboard selection borders to not mess up layout when scrollbars are removed

10/3/14  1.4:
-- made change that may fix "corrupted by malware" issue experienced by some
-- directly linking to options in welcome page and chrome://extensions
-- improved welcome page wording
-- fixed how subtitles show with Darker Netflix

10/1/14  1.3:
-- Better explains what to do when it says that you need to log into Netflix before changing extension preferences.  Also, reduces number of scenarios in which this message is shown.

10/1/14  1.1:
-- Initial version

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