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Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.
Ever had one of those “oh $*#@” moments when you've finally finished filling out a long form, and hit submit only to see an error message? And when you hit the back button, the form was blank... If so, you know you need Lazarus. And if not, you have a chance to install Lazarus before disaster strikes!  

Lazarus saves everything you type so if the worst happens you can recover the whole form by simply clicking a menu item. The data can be encrypted and is saved on your machine so you know it's safe. 

Lazarus: Form Recovery is one of the top rated add-ons for Firefox, it is Mozilla recommended and has been downloaded over 500,000 times. 

Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite in an effort to make a cross browser compatible extension (Firefox and Safari versions are available from the website []). 


We may need to get more information from you to recreate the bug. We cannot respond to comments left here, and have no way of contacting users who leave these comments :(

PLEASE NOTE: Lazarus, and all other chrome extensions, are disabled on the chrome extension website ( for your security. So Lazarus will not be able save or restore forms on this site.

ALSO NOTE: Lazarus 3 doesn't save WYSIWYG editors yet, this is due to a Chrome bug ( which prevents us from accessing the iframe that is used to display the editor. There's little I can do until this bug is fixed, sorry.

I've been spending a lot of time working on database synchronization for Lazarus, we're well on the way to making this available, but it's not quite ready to be released yet. I'm also seeing a lot of reviews saying "it doesn't work", if you email me ( then I might be able to help with that, but leaving comments here is no good because I cannot contact you to find out what the problem is.

==== Changelog ====

== [2011-02-18] ==

* bugfix: Incorrect unique id in extension from website is causing version 3.0.3 to be installed side-by-side with version 3.0.2 

== 3.0.3 [2011-02-14] ==

* fixed #60: format query replacement bug
* bugfix: Firefox 3.6.13 on Mac OS only. Lazarus failed to initalise due to background page failing to fire a load event.
* changes to sync code to deal with sync server changes
* tidy up jquery msg files
* fix XSS bug that might have been able to run code with browser level priviledges
* Initial tests for XMLHttpRequest listeners
* Prevent decryption errors from stopping the menu from being shown
* Add reset password link.
* fixed #58: Lazarus icon is sometime repeated across whole textbox

== 3.0.2 [2011-01-16] ==

* Better messages when rebuilding database
* Huge amount of work writing database syncronization code, looking good but not ready for general release yet.
* #22: Show version string and build number in options dialog.
* #44: Options dialog is too tall for some screens 
* Don't cache disabled domains list
* Move disabled domains list into database so it gets synced
* Add events to database queries and transactions
* Add option to reset all options and database to factory defaults
* Re-initailize encryption and hashseed after setting up sync
* Allow sync to survive a corrupted database
* Tweak about text to remove references to google chrome
* LocaliseDOM can now do recursive localisation
* Fixed #26: Remove autosaves when rebuilding the database
* Fixed #31: Options dialog: labels elements should un/check checkboxes
* Options page: remove underlines when hovering mouse over tabs
* Fixed #34: password boxes show previous password in the dropdown

== 3.0.1 [2010-12-10] ==

* New option: debug log level (log errors by default)
* Fixed: update check was broken
* Remove Experimental options tab until we have something better to put in there.

== 3.0 [2010-12-08] ==

* Complete rewrite of the extension

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