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Clear the clutter. Clip the web. Save to Notebook.
Notebook Web Clipper
Clip content from the web to your Notebook with Web Clipper. Clipped content, saved as Note Cards, are immediately synced across your devices.
What can you clip?
*Be it a new recipe you want to try or the next place you want to visit, clip text, images, or links into a note card, and save to a specific notebook.
*Want to save an article for future reference? With Clean View, you can save the entire article as a note card, minus the ads.
*Need to quickly grab a screenshot of a web page? The 'Screenshot’ option quickly saves the screenshot as a Photo Card.
Web Clipper can also be used to create note cards.
Have a quick thought you want to note without leaving your browser? Create a quick note from scratch right from your browser. You can also add photos directly from your computer to Web Clipper.

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