Page Ruler

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Draw a ruler to get pixel dimensions and positioning, and measure elements on any web page.
Page Ruler lets your draw out a ruler to any page and displays the width, height and position of it.

* Draw a ruler to any page and view the width, height and top, bottom, left and right position
* Drag the edges of the ruler to resize it
* Use the arrow keys to move and resize the ruler
* Show guides extending from the ruler edges
* Manually update the size and position of the ruler from the toolbar to make precision changes
* Enable "Element Mode" to outline elements on the page as you move your mouse over them
* Navigate through parents, children and sibling elements of any measured element

To use on local pages you will need to enable the "allow access to file URLs" option in your extensions tab

If you have any questions or wish to report a bug please use the 'Support' link in the Details tab above.

应用版本: 2.0.9
最后更新日期: 2014年9月19日
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