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SL Editor extension.
Skimlinks Editor Tool 

Features of the new Editor tool extension:

- The Skimlinks Editor tool extension gives Skimlinks-approved publishers access to rich data on merchant commission rates and products at the point of content creation. 
- The latest release includes improvements and updates to:
- Access merchant commission rates at your fingertips
- The latest update includes improvements to how merchant commission rates are presented. 

Shorten and share monetizable links:

- Skimlinks Editor lets you shorten and share affiliate URLs on social media, email or any other non-Skimlinks enabled site. The shortening process automatically affiliates the link for you. 
- Wanting to add an affiliate link to your Skimlinks-enabled site? Editor makes it super easy to copy and share the link directly from your browser. 

Alternative pricing:

- Where possible, SkimLinks Editor provides up-to-date alternative pricing information about products when you visit merchant product pages. Alternative pricing allows you to offer your readers the best price available across our merchant network for the products you’re writing about. 

New! Editor notification options: 

- You spoke and we listened. You now have complete control over how and when Editor notifies you of being on a merchant’s site in our network. Get notified automatically for every merchant you visit, only once per merchant site, per tab or disable automatic notifications completely. If all notifications are turned off, you can still activate Editor through the icon in Chrome’s extension area in your browser. 

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