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Train yourself to double or triple your reading speed, without sacrificing comprehension. Absorb knowledge, faster.
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Spreed is a Chrome extension that lets you blaze through online articles, reading them in half or a third of the time it usually takes you. It does this by utilizing a visual technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, or RSVP, used by the fastest speed readers in the world.

Speed reading hinges on the reader's ability to silence his or her inner voice sounding each word out as he or she reads. Spreed is an extension that trains you to read faster while eliminating this subvocalization. The average person reads at 200 words per minute; using Spreed, you can easily train yourself to read at 400 words per minute--that's one hour of time saved if you usually spend two hours a day reading online content.

Spreed is always in development: let us know what kind of features you would find helpful!

NOTE: We use include analytics code, such as from Google Analytics, in our extension so that we can measure how many uses of Spreed we've gotten, and how many of those are from repeat users. This is to help us make Spreed the most helpful it can be! The analytics code cannot see anything you do outside the Spreed window, and it only records visits to Spreed and button clicks, nothing else.

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If the Alt+V shortcut doesn't seem to work: go to the Chrome options --> Tools --> Extensions, then scroll to the bottom until  you see "Keyboard shortcuts". Click that, and verify that "Open Spreed, auto extract content" is set to "Alt+V" 

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